Our Services

We are pleased to offer you the following exclusive banking services:

Offshore / Domestic Merchants Accounts

With a global network of international and US domestic banks we are able to secure premium merchant processing solutions for a wide array of high risk businesses, such as online pharmacies, herbal sites, large dating sites, online malls, auction bid sites, loans sites and government grants to name a few.

We specialize in providing high volume merchants with direct solutions, however, we are willing to consider third party accounts for start-ups if there are sizable processing volumes in play.

ACH/ E-Check Accounts

We currently offer electronic check solutions for a vast array of online, mail order and telemarketing businesses. Solutions are placed with Tier One banks as well as trusted processors with proven track records of honest and reliable service.

International Business Company Formation (IBC)

Do you want to establish your business or personal affairs in an offshore jurisdiction? We have carefully selected some of the very best offshore jurisdictions that are unbeatable for IBC company formations and confidentiality. We can provide Bear Shares, Nominee Directors and a corporate offshore mailing address, if needed. IBC corporations can be established in as little as 72 hours with completed incorporation documents in your possession within only five working days.

Some of our best Jurisdictions include: Panama, Belize, The BVI, Cyprus and The Seychelles.

Offshore Bank Accounts

Our organization has established relationships with a wide array of offshore banks, in jurisdictions where confidentiality and privacy in banking activities are guaranteed by law. We are able to establish offshore personal bank accounts or if you are planning on taking your business offshore, a corporate IBC bank account.

Offshore Banking Services

Once your offshore bank account has been established you will enjoy the luxury of numerous offshore banking services including:

Offshore Platinum Debit credit cards, allowing you access to your money from over 20,000 ATM machines located across the world.

Credit card can be issued under your offshore IBC name, affording you complete privacy when accessing your funds.

Internet access to your account to verify account balances, transfer funds and make stock purchases. This will enable you to conduct all your banking affairs from the comfort of your home.

Offshore Trading / Brokerage accounts for online trading of stocks and bonds in global International markets. We can assist in opening brokerage account under your offshore IBC name enabling you to keep all your trading completely confidential.

Offshore Foundations

We offer offshore Foundations for asset protection and estate planning. Foundations are an effective means of protecting assets and passing wealth along to heirs in privacy.